Winter Dreaming

Happy New Year…’s 2022 and we are still in semi-lock down. We keep reminding ourselves that we would be in Mexico right now if it wasn’t for Covid….but we played it safe and extended our departure another year. We have decided that unless its the Zombie Apocalypse, we are heading to Mexico in August. That means that we need to get our ‘to-do’ board up and we need to start working on it. We’ve done so much already in the last 2 years… sails, new rigging, new watermaker, new engine, new dinghy, new outboard, additional Engel freezer, and so much more.

to-do list
cruising books

We have started to talk to many people who have already made this trip and we are collecting lots of excellent information. We are making a list of all the spares we will need (we can add to this when we get to San Diego), all the paperwork I need to get sorted, and all the repairs we need to do. As you can see from the pic- we have started our cruising guides for the trip and have a couple more coming….all hail Amazon!

winter in victoria
frozen fountain
snow capped Charlie

In the meantime…..we are having to live through another West Coast Winter while dreaming of warm, sunny beaches. It got so cold here that our city fountains froze! The dock water lines were bursting all over the place, and the laundry/showers were closed for 2 weeks. All this over the Christmas/New Year holidays. Things always go awry when nothing is open! Luckily, our dock did not lose water and we have a van to get the pile of laundry to a city laundromat. In the mean time, we are also having to live through another lock down here in BC with lots of places closed….including the gyms!

Winter sailing
dock otters

We took a week off in December and headed out for a winter sail…Portland Island and Wallace Island……and tomorrow we are heading out again for 5 days to Russell Island. We have our generator to keep the batteries topped up, with lots of movies and books, we’ll be fine. Russell Island is one of our favorite Islands, a great trail for the dog walks, close to Salt Spring Island (incase a need to get any provisions forgotten) and relatively protected.

So, it won’t be sunny Mexico, but we are going to be visiting one of the ‘Hawaiian Islands’ here! (settled by a Hawaiian and it even boasts both a white sand beach and at low tide you can see a fossil in the rocks!) We’ll keep our winter boots and winter coats handy but we will be talking about and dreaming about our Big Left Turn in August…..who else wants to buddy boat with us?

Cheers everyone!

One thought on “Winter Dreaming

  1. The Big Left Turn in August!! WootWoot!! Most Excellent, Dakota! Pleasantly warm WX adventures and no socks are 2 of the many perks in your future!


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