Summer ’21- Princess Louisa Inlet

Many falls after a few days of rain

As we are tied to a dock for the winter, I’m finally getting around to sorting out our summer cruising pictures. And, well, a trip to Princess Louisa Inlet does deserve a full blog on its own. It was the end of August and we decided to head across the strait and make a week long trip to this very gorgeous Marine Park….we wanted to get there before the borders reopen but, of course, in true sailing style, we were waylaid and instead, sailed up there with some awesome Americans.

We left Pender Harbour at sunrise and made the calculations on how long it will take us and when we can get through Malibu Rapids to enter the Inlet. We stuck to the shore of Jervis Inlet and caught the back eddies of the current and actually motored at a good speed- averaged 6kn/h. We did notice that the logging camps had log booms strung out several hundred meters from shore and none of them were marked. We made sure we stayed far enough away from shore to miss these booms, but close enough to catch the back eddies….thankyou radar! We did talk to one boat that ran itself up onto one of these booms but was able to back off fairly easily. Oh did I mention that it was super foggy most of the way? Once we got into the Inlet we made it onto the dock, and had a spectacular view of Chatterbox falls. It had been raining (thank goodness) and all the water falls were at max capacity.

Our view of the falls from the dock
You can see all the falls coming down thousands of feet to create this one great falls

The first full day was drizzily, but as the afternoon approached, the sun started to peek out and we got the engine onto the dinghy and took a speedy tour around. We chatted with a lovely American couple, Jim and Fawn on MV True Love. They come here every year….except last year of course, and say it’s their favorite place to come, and usually spends about a month in the summer here. I can see why!

A truly mossy tree
One of the many of hundreds of falls here
You can just see the glacier up on the mountains

After a couple days at the dock and walking up to the falls several times a day, we decided to head to MacDonald Island, and pick up one of the mooring balls. It was finally sunny and with the 20 minutes of motoring, we were able to charge up our batteries. We hiked on land, swam and toured around a very cool camping lodge (all very modern but not occupied) then chatted with our neighbours about timing the rapids tomorrow to leave. We met Albert on SV Shagoon (he hails from Hawaii) and we all came to a conclusion for our departure tomorrow.

Motorsailing down Jervis Inlet

We left about noon and soon were passed by MV True Love. We chatted on the radio and they invited us to meet them at Egmont to have a beer and burger at the pub. We’ve never been to Egmont, so of course we said sure. There isn’t any cell service anywhere along Jervis Inlet, until you get to Egmont, so we had to hope we could get a spot on the dock.

We arrived many hours after MV True Love and got the last spot….on the closed fuel dock- we just had to leave before 9 am tomorrow….. no problem! We met Jim and Fawn up at the Back Eddy Pub and had a nice long chat and a few beers. The laundry wasn’t open, so that was out, and the showers weren’t open…rats! We did notice the price of gas at the dock was 2.19/L….that has to be the most expensive fuel I’ve ever seen in Canada!

The next day we got back to Pender Harbour and started to plan where we go next and what we want to do. We did get back into the Winter Program in Victoria, so we will plan to head back to Victoria for October.

Cheers eveyone, it was so nice to reminisce on our summer adventures and remember how warm and sunny it was….sigh!

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