Bye-bye San Francisco

Golden Gate at Sunrise
San Francisco at Sunrise

On to the next leg of our trip. San Francisco was a great place to visit….loved the people- especially the bus drivers….they were extra friendly and helpful to these bewildered tourists. So….at sunrise we left our dock space at SouthBeach Marina and headed under the Golden Gate Bridge in no wind and a current with us of 4 knots. (zoom-zoom!)

We motored in no wind for 6 hours and then when the wind filled in, we were able to raise the sails and set the windvane. Within the next 24 hours, we saw so many humpback whales and one even came right up to our boat….that surprised and scared us a little. Saw more dolphins and even spotted a fin whale swimming by the boat. By afternoon the winds were picking up and the waves were increasing. We heard on the radio that they were calling for a small craft warning….so…..we changed course and headed to San Simeon Bay. By 7 pm we were tucked safely into San Simeon Bay and we put 135 feet of chain out in 25 feet of water….we were the only ones there. We came a total of 176 kn/miles from San Francisco.

Hearst Castle at San Simeon Bay
The Pier at San Simeon Bay
Enjoying the sun at San Simeon Bay

We spent a wonderful…but windy day at San Simeon Bay. We sat on the bow of the boat and watched the pelicans diving for food….we could watch them for hours. We caught up on our sleep and did a few minor boat projects then got ready for our next leg….early departure in the morning.

Our next leg was a short 23 kn/miles that we were able to sail all the way to Morro Bay. On our way here we saw so many humpback whales and watched them breach and play off in the distance. We arrived and tried to find a place to anchor. The book says there is a place but we couldn’t find it with all the mooring balls. So, we got a spot at the Morro Bay Yacht Club….can’t say enough about this dock…wonderful folks. We walked around town- it reminds us of Tofino/Ucluelet BC….a small surf town full of tourists. We walked all the way to the large Morro Rock- it’s what remains of a volcano and part of the ring of ‘rocks’ called the 9 Sisters. Here we saw lots of sea otters (reintroduced), so many sealions, lots of pelicans and we saw our first patch of cacti. At the rock we saw a sea of Inukshuks…there must have been thousands of them. We got invited to the happy hour at the yacht club and got to meet many wonderful people. We left the docks at 8 am and our next leg of the adventures is started.

Morro Bay Rock
Morro Bay
Inukshuks at Morro Rock Park
Cheers from Morro Bay
Sunset at Morro Bay

Our next leg had us leave Morro Bay at 8 am and we are heading the 90 kn/miles to the Channel Islands. We sailed to the 1/2 way mark then the wind started to die so we turned on the iron gennie and continued our trip. Oops….the wind filled back in but now its night and we are committed to continue motoring. We saw many dolphins again at sunset and Dave had to change course to go around a couple of humpback whales that were not paying us any attention. We pulled into San Miguel Island, Cuyler Harbour at 2:30 am. We can hear sea lions on shore and it appears we are the only boat here. The winds will be changing tomorrow and will come from the southwest…which we will be protected from here.

Sunsets and dolphins
Trip log

We motored/sailed a total of 289 kn/miles from San Francisco to San Miguel Island. Finally we are offically in Southern California and around the dreaded Point Conception….the waters instantly increased from 15 oC to 19oC once we turned the corner and what do you know….its the first real rain we’ve seen the whole trip. It’s foggy and dreary outside so today is an indoor day and tomorrow we should get some pictures.

Having Starlink on the boat had made keeping in contact with fellow sailors and family so easy….some times it’s like we are sitting at home (I guess we are!). As I mentioned earlier, we are sitting out some southerly winds here and we hear from sailing friends the wind hit 40-45 knots in San Francisco area….glad we left.

Cheers everyone and hope everyone is having a great summer so far!


4 thoughts on “Bye-bye San Francisco

  1. Hi darlings, We are on our final day of our trip. Back in Osoyoos.tired last night. I have your blog, just marvellous. What fun you are having…we are all thrilled for you. Nancy and Gerry have it too. Much love from my little motorhome.


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