Busy, busy, busy…..

Dakota in Octopus Islands

Hi everyone…..we have been busy since we left the Victoria docks at the end of April. We have our list of projects to do and have steadily working through them. We have been around the Gulf Islands, Up the Sunshine Coast, to Desolation Sound, the Octopus Islands and back down to the Gulf Islands.

finished the dodger
It’s a daily check list

fixing the broken main slide

We are now down to daily lists of things to do and it is so satisfying to check off all the ones being done. We could technically go without getting some of these last things done but we are here for at least another 4 weeks. We have a Blue Water Cruising rendezvous at the end of July then we will work our way through the fresh food stores before we head to South.

One of the major upgrades to the boat is Starlink…..we finally just bit the bullet and ordered the RV version….it came in the mail within 3 days. Unfortunately, we were up north when it arrived to ‘Mom’ Christine’s house and she got to stare at the box for a month. We now have it up and running, easy install, and only temporarily mounted while at anchor only. Our cell phone has been down graded to itouch with local calls only. I’ll, Karen, have to get used to not having my phone all the time….Dave has already weened himself off years ago!

Starlink has arrived
temporary placement

I have to keep reminding myself that we don’t need to stock up on everything before we leave….we’ll be in San Francisco then San Diego before heading into Mexico. The nerves are starting to show and we are both excited (Dave) and nervous (Karen)….once we get out there it will be fine but it’s the waiting and the anticipation that is frustrating.

Princess Louisa Inlet
Chatterbox Falls

I think, we will sort of miss heading back into Victoria for the winter….but we will not miss the wet winter weather. We have always dreamed to heading to places that flipflops are the shoes of choice and we have to slather on the sunscreen daily (that tender Canadian skin!) So, in about 1 month we will be following in the slip stream of many other boaters and heading south….ready (hopefully) or not!

Cheers, Dakota and Crew!

3 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy…..

  1. Great excitement evident in your
    Writing. Dakota is a very lovely and graceful design, they add beauty to every place she visits.
    What fun it will be to hear from you as the adventure begins the summer…


  2. All looking good Karen and Dave. Can’t wait to hear of your new adventures South. I would feel antsy and excited at the same time to.


  3. Tis a month since you wrote this and we’re thinking the Juan de Fuca is off your beam – or almost! Wow. The pink list out did the green one and the adventures begin. Congratulations. We love reading – everything. Bert and Barb

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