It’s always an Adventure

Today brings an interesting story, I feel compelled to share with you friends and family. Though I am part of the story, Karen usually writes the story as she is much better suited to share our adventures in words. Morning brings bright sunshine to Todd inlet, peacefulness and calm. Memories of our last stay here in September when the tree nearest the dock was laden down with a sweet apple. Karen had made a very memorable apple pie here. Today our plans are to walk the four kilometres to town for resupply of our fridge. Yes, it is amazing we were able to eat our way through all the fresh vegetables Karen supplied Dakota with before leaving downtown, ten days ago. Also there was some confusion about the captains need for sausages during our last provision run. Time to fill the cupboards and stuff the fridge. We dressed warmly and Karen prepared our bags and water bottles for the hike, while I took Charlie to shore. We decided not to take the wagon and limit ourselves to what we could carry in our fabric shopping bags and backpacks. We locked the dinghy to the dock, which means we will have a dinghy when we return. Better to be safe….We start our trip chattering about the sunshine and the mystifying trail system we are starting out on. Having never hiked this way out before, Karen brings google to help guide us and before you know it we are at the gate of Butchart gardens. In time we laugh about the best trip is always the uphill walk to the store and downhill returning home. We see lovely neighborhoods with cherry blossoms and trimmed lawns, immaculate homes and busy people driving driving back and forth. Groups of middle aged cyclists with expressions of fierce determination on their faces. We pass a bus on the road going to the gardens and I remember the number 75 to look up our route for the journey back. Karen is not moving very easily and she talks about perhaps overdoing it a few days back when we hiked around D’arcy island with friends, an adventure, learning about the way Canada stranded Chinese Canadians from all over the country on this small island. Nothing left but ruins and a plaque. Karen is walking slower and instead of loosening up she is slowing, stiff and not comfortable. We take a few small breaks before finally making it to a Fairways grocery store. Forty minutes of shopping finds us across the street laden down with bags and bags of yummy provisions, and….. in front of a pizza by the slice store. hmmm perhaps the veggies can wait a bit longer.
Loaded down with some google advice and bus fare, we set off to find a bus stop. I’ve rushed Karen and she is still drinking her grapefruit bubbly drink. I take her two shopping bags to let her finish her cool drink.
We are like beasts of burden loaded with delicious future meals, fresh jumbo carrots and four different types of sausages.Imagine the captain tottering down the sidewalk with a heavy backpack stuffed with treasure and four fabric shopping bags, Karen also loaded down with her overstuffed backpack drinking her grapefruit and limping beside me…. this is when the Central Saanich police supervisor pulls over and lowers his passenger window, with a look of concern on his face he says he watched us enjoying our pizza and would like to offer us a ride..The captain proudly says we just need to find a bus and Karen who has been so stoic with her discomfort accepts quickly saying we are visiting Todd inlet and the ride would be great. All I hear is Karen voice disappearing inside saying I’ve never been in a police car before! while she scrambles into the tiny plastic back seat. We chat about our retirement and summer plans, he is genuinely interested and happy to drive us the few minutes down the road.. I have heard people talk down about police and generalize about those amazing people, during this time of pandemic and his entire career of helping people. I thank him for not just the ride he provided but the service and care he brings. I’ve never meant it more. Karen snaps a photo inside the back of the SUV and again as this officer departs with a wave. A day in our wonderful life. Saturday April 10 2021.

In the back of the police car
The drop off

3 thoughts on “It’s always an Adventure

  1. That’s wonderful!!! I hope never to see you again in the back seat of a Police car! Is Karen alright? Perhaps a bit dehydrated after a rather too long a walk? ? I hope she’s ok now. What a day…. by the way you write beautifully Davie…please do more every now and again. You have a wonderful week of good wx ahead of you…enjoy every moment…I hope you remembered the sausages!!! Love mum


  2. We enjoyed your story, and it brought back a lot of memories for us. Hoping Karen feels well now, back to her energetic awesome self. Wow, the back of a police car. Thank you for thanking the officer! There are a lot of truly wonderful people out there, and you two are two of them. Hugs! Kristi & Paul

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